Daisy Bateman

Starring: Me!

Well, not starring, exactly, but I did get to be the featured reader on EW.com’s Idolatry webcast this week. Which is just about as cool as anything that has happened to me lately. I got the call on my cell phone on my way to work yesterday, just as I was about to merge from … Read more

Well, Okay

Last night, as I was driving home (or, more accurately, stuck in the massive traffic jam caused by the Mexico v. Ecuador soccer game at the Coliseum while trying to drive home), I found myself creeping slowly along behind a Prius. With an NRA cap displayed proudly in the rear window. Driven by a young … Read more

Every Book Ever Written: Condensed Version

Self Help:If you want something, work hard to get it, but remember that you may need extra skills and some luck. Weight Loss:Calorie Input > Calories Expended = Weight GainedCalorie Input < Calories Expended = Wieght Lost Memoir:Everything that ever happened to me is Very Important, because it happened to me. Romance:“I don’t love you.”“I ... Read more

Could Be Worse

You think your rennovation is going badly? Well, look at it this way; at least you haven’t ended up with candy-striped upholstery or a toilet in the living room, right? And exactly whose idea was it to install the four-hundred pound mouse? (with regards to CuteOverload, the interweb’s primary provider of all that is cute)

My Early Influences

Were I ever to become famous, at some point someone would probably ask me what works influenced me in my early development. And I would most certainly lie, because the truth would be that it was shows like this: It’s a half-hour animated ad, with commercial breaks! Oh, how I loved Saturday mornings.

Arizona Pictures

My pictures from the first ballgame. I don’t think Sports Illustrated is going to be calling any time soon. We had seats right behind home plate for the game against the Cubs. Along with the cacti, the Botanic Garden featured this very odd tree. Also at the Botanic Garden there were these sculptures made out … Read more