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Baseball, Nachos, Sunburn

Daisy and Mom’s Baseball Adventure, now in its second day, and for the first time including actual baseball! Plus nachos and a sunburn. The baseball came courtesy of the A’s, playing an exhibition game against the Brewers. It was easily the most relaxed I have ever been at the ballpark, particularly compared to the last game I saw, in the playoffs last year. For example, at no time did I have to put a rally towel over my head because I couldn’t bear to watch. (I probably should have, considering the sunburn, but we’ll get to that in a minute.) We had terrific seats, out along the third base line, one row back from the field, which should have put us next to the A’s dugout, but for some reason they had them reversed so that the visiting teams was on our side. But it was still cool and, despite never leading until the eighth inning, the A’s won, which was nice even though it didn’t matter.
The “nachos” were provided by the concession stand, and consisted of a small basket of corn chips and a little plastic cup of “cheese”. I know it was fresh because I saw them dispense it from the machine right there.
The sunburn is not as bad as it might have been, thanks to the nice lady sitting in front of me who let me borrow her sunscreen (she also knew one of the Brewers’ players, which made for some cool evesdropping). And yes, you read that right: we managed to go to Arizona and not bring sunscreen. But I got pretty good coverage, not perfect, because when you’re borrowing a stranger’s sunscreen you don’t get to be really thorough, and I thought I would be okay. I didn’t do my face, because I knew my maekup had sunscreen in it. What I didn’t know, unfortunately, was that while I was applying my makeup I must have gotten distracted, and I missed my nose. Let’s just say that right now, if anyone needs help guiding a flying sleigh through the fog, I’m your girl.

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