Daisy Bateman

Notes From Arizona

1. The Phoenix Metropolitan area is very large, and sometimes they close large sections of their freeways for no apparent reason.

2. I wasn’t kidding about the strip mall thing. Despite that, it is surprisingly hard to find a grocery store around here.

3. I have the power to influence anyone to buy shoes, up to and including my Mom.

4. A’s vs Brewers: 3,000 fans. A’s vs Cubs: 10,000 fans. There was a lot of blue in the stadium today.

5. Spring training is one of the very few times when the line for the men’s room is longer than the line for the ladies’ room.

6. The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix is a lovely place. There are a lot of cacti there.

7. There is a restaurant in Chandler called The Carlesbad Tavern. It is decorated in a very tasteful bats-and-faux-stone motif (with a moat!) and serves New Mexican food. Which is, for the most part, spicy, and also good. After some discussion with our waitress, who warned us that certain menu items were on the intense side, I decided to be adventuresome and order one anyway (with sauce on the side) despite my well-documented recent experiences with doing exactly that. At least no one can accuse me of learning.

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