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YouTube Friday: Bonus Song Parody Edition!

Lately, I have been thinking about this song:

It is not my favorite song, mainly because it has one of the dumbest metaphors in recorded music. But, thinking about it now, I realize that there’s something to be said for the idea of letting Our Lord and Savior do the driving, so I came up with my own version. Enjoy!

Jesus, Take the Wheel (Revised Lyrics)

We were drivin’ down 5 on our way to San Diego
In a snow white Honda coupe
Goin’ down to see the beaches and some sunshine
And the pandas at the zoo
Fifty miles to go and we were runnin’ low
On chips and gasoline
It’d been a long hard day

We left at nine this morning and we were tryin’ to make it
There before sunset
Before we knew it it was almost seven and we weren’t there yet
I saw a rest stop sign flash before my eyes
I could barely keep them open wide
So I changed lanes, I said “I’m done for the day.”

Jesus take the wheel
I’m gonna take a nap
‘Cause I can barely see the road
I’m stopping here
So we can stretch our legs
And maybe get some Doritos
Jesus take the wheel

We stopped for ten minutes at a little place of business, selling fruit and homemade pies
I stayed in the car and climbed in the backseat just to rest my eyes
When I woke up we had gone down the road three miles more
I said I’m sorry did I snore
I’ve been up since five
I’m just completely wiped
So from now on tonight
(Repeat chorus)

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