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Starring: Me!

Well, not starring, exactly, but I did get to be the featured reader on EW.com’s Idolatry webcast this week. Which is just about as cool as anything that has happened to me lately. I got the call on my cell phone on my way to work yesterday, just as I was about to merge from 880 onto 84, which seems to be a place where I get very bad signal. But it was all good, because it cleared up right about when I had to start talking, and I made it off the freeway without getting into an accident and I think I even managed to be kind of coherent. Even better, they cut the joke I made about killing myself if Haley outlasted Lakisha, which is a big relief because I was kind of regretting that one.

2 thoughts on “Starring: Me!”

  1. Cool! I’ve gotta say I’m over Lakisha, though. Put her next to Melinda and she just looks shallow. None of the past few weeks’ Lakisha performances have matched the passion of her amazing Hollywood week song or her first couple of final 24 songs. I’m starting to worry about her taste.

    My votes for most likely to have great careers are Melinda and (gasp!) Blake. He’s dreamy.

  2. I don’t know; I’d say her “God Bless the Child” holds up against any performance this season. But yeah, she is someone who it’s a little hard to really get behind, for some reason.

    And Blake is dreamy.


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