Daisy Bateman

Daisy and Mom Go Native

We did not go to the baseball game yesterday, because the A’s were in Tuscon. Instead, we went to the 49th Annual Heard Museum Indian Fair. Not Native American, Indian. Apparently, actual Indians are a lot less sensative about the terminology than people in Berkeley. (On the other hand, there are a lot fewer actual … Read more

Notes From Arizona

1. The Phoenix Metropolitan area is very large, and sometimes they close large sections of their freeways for no apparent reason. 2. I wasn’t kidding about the strip mall thing. Despite that, it is surprisingly hard to find a grocery store around here. 3. I have the power to influence anyone to buy shoes, up … Read more

Baseball, Nachos, Sunburn

Daisy and Mom’s Baseball Adventure, now in its second day, and for the first time including actual baseball! Plus nachos and a sunburn. The baseball came courtesy of the A’s, playing an exhibition game against the Brewers. It was easily the most relaxed I have ever been at the ballpark, particularly compared to the last … Read more

Spring Training Run

Greetings from Phoenix, land of sunshine and strip malls! And many, many pieces of tourquoise jewelry. Mom and I arrived here today, having gotten up at an ungodly hour for the airborne cattle drive that is flying Southwest, because we are baseball fans, and we are here to get our first look at the 2007 … Read more