Daisy Bateman

Thursday, Part Three: The Edgar Awards

First, the bad news: Despite being entirely deserving and despite the fact that I not only clapped very hard but also said “whoo!” when her name was called, A Field of Darkness by Cornelia Read did not win the Best First Novel Edgar Award. But Cornelia said the guy who did win was good, so … Read more

Thursday, Part Three: The Preparty

Before the main festivities were to start in the evening, we were all invited to an unofficial preparty thrown by Cornelia’s friend Rae in her hotel room at the Four Seasons. Sharon and Jullain begged off, pleading travel- and tourism-based exhaustion but Karen and I both showed, the first to arrive and severely underdressed. Everyone … Read more

Thursday, Part Two: The Hunt

After lunch we split up, Cornelia and Freya to go back to their room and start getting ready, Karen, Sharon and Juliann to stop by Karen’s friend’s fabulous apartment and then get some rest and me to head off on a quest to the World’s Largest Macy’s. This was no casual shopping trip; I was … Read more

Thursday, Part One: The Group

Slept. Late, but not that late. Had time at least for a shower and a brief (but, sadly, failed) attempt to do something to my hair before Karen called and we agreed to meet up on our way to Cornelia’s. Had a little more time to stop at a Starbuck’s for a drinkable breakfast, because … Read more

Wednesday: The Drowsy Tourist

Having survived, barely, my overnight flight, even getting a minimal amount of sleep, I made it into JFK just before dawn broke. After a couple false starts I managed to get myself on the right train, and only overshot my transfer station by two stops, but it was still a good two hours between the … Read more

Regarding the Delay

Apologies for the belated blogging. Why is it that every Best Western, La Quinta and Motel 6 in America has free wireless internet in every room, but the New York Hyatt expects you to pay ten dollars a day and sit in the lobby? At any rate, here’s what I would have been writing for … Read more

Presumed Schedule- Day 1

9:15 pm PST: Leave Oakland par avion, having taken sufficient Excedrin PM, wrapped myself in all available blankets/jackets, put on my eyemask and earplugs. Next 5 hours: Time spent sleeping: 35 minutes. Time spent worrying about not getting enough sleep: 4 hours, 20 minutes. Earplug adjustment: 5 minutes. 5:25 am EST: Arrive JFK. 5:45 am: … Read more

New York, Round 2

When I got back from my trip to New York last year, I thought it would be a while before I went back, to the point where I lent out my guidebooks and map and didn’t bother getting them back. Then My Close Personal Friend Cornelia Read happened to get herself nominated for a major … Read more