Daisy Bateman

Reason #586 Why I Am A Bad Person

So, last night I went to see blues singer/guitarist John Hammond, with Abigail, who digs them blues (I don’t, really, but I believe in expanding my horizons). But that’s not why I’m a bad person. I’m a bad person because, as I was sitting there at Freight and Salvage, listening to what I am sure were fine blues and watching the middle-aged white people attempt to locate the downbeat, all I could think was “What is Melinda singing tonight on Idol? Please let her do something a little younger this week. And god, I hope Phil can manage to pull it together and outlast Haley. The way she’s going, if she makes it another week she’ll be coming out wearing nothing but a scarf and a couple of strategically placed kumquats.”

See? Bad person.

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