Daisy Bateman

Makes American Idol Look Tasteful and Restrained By Comparison

Flying Bulgarians?
Israeli rap?
Bellarussian boybanders?
A Swiss vampire rave?
Andorran pop-punk?
A Danish drag-queen Cher?

Clearly, this can only mean one thing: The Eurovision Song Contest is upon us.

That, or the end of days. Possibly both.

3 thoughts on “Makes American Idol Look Tasteful and Restrained By Comparison”

  1. Somehow when I saw your headline I thought you were going to be blogging about the Ultimate Coyote Ugly reality show. (I found John switching back and forth between that–and I thought he only read the articles–and Man vs. Wild. That these two things can exist in the world, same time slot no less, just makes me realize anew how big the world is.)

  2. Would you believe that one of the notes I had was actually “Icelandic Meat Loaf”? I think maybe at least one of us needs to get out more.

    And, frankly, the Ultimate Coyote Ugly is fine, but it really can’t hold a candle to the Search for the Next Pussycat Doll.


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