Daisy Bateman

Presumed Schedule- Day 1

9:15 pm PST: Leave Oakland par avion, having taken sufficient Excedrin PM, wrapped myself in all available blankets/jackets, put on my eyemask and earplugs.

Next 5 hours: Time spent sleeping: 35 minutes. Time spent worrying about not getting enough sleep: 4 hours, 20 minutes. Earplug adjustment: 5 minutes.

5:25 am EST: Arrive JFK.

5:45 am: Collect baggage, or remains thereof, locate train.

6:18 am: Realize I took wrong train; am now in Queens, or possibly Pennsylvania.

7:00 am: Locate correct train, by random walk approach. Remember what it is I forgot to pack.

7:30ish: Arrive at hotel. Check in, change (in bathroom) out of homeless person costume/travelling clothes, leave bags at front desk.

8:00 am: Breakfast, possibly bagel-based. Try to think of something to do between now and when the stores open. Store bagel in purse for lunch.

10:00 am: Visit half-price ticket booth. Buy ticket to matinee of something (subject to availability).

10:30-2:00 pm: Shopping! (Well, looking, anyway. Maybe shopping.)

2:00 pm: Rush back, late, for show.

Third Act: Fall sound asleep.

5:00 pm: Woken by cleaning staff, removed from theater. Return to hotel to nap.

7:00 pm: Call Karen and/or Sharon, demand to be included in their evening plans.

8:00 pm: Eat takeout in hotel room, watching Idol.

9:00 pm: Lights out.

2 thoughts on “Presumed Schedule- Day 1”

  1. Thanks for reminding me to print out the contact info for everybody. I have no plans for the evening tomorrow other than wandering around looking for the train from JFK to Midtown.


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