Daisy Bateman

Thursday, Part Two: The Hunt

After lunch we split up, Cornelia and Freya to go back to their room and start getting ready, Karen, Sharon and Juliann to stop by Karen’s friend’s fabulous apartment and then get some rest and me to head off on a quest to the World’s Largest Macy’s.

This was no casual shopping trip; I was looking for an off-white silk camisole. You would think this would not be a difficult thing to find. You would think that, upon walking into the World’s Largest Macy’s, all you would need to do is to ask a friendly salesperson where the Basic Items of Clothing Department was, proceed directly there and ask them to direct you to the camisoles and then select your item for purchase. You would be wrong, but thanks for playing. What actually happens is that you wander from floor to floor, occasionally ending up in the Men’s store, asking alternately unhelpful, uninterested or clueless people with nametags, until a nice lady from the DKNY boutique takes you in hand and walks you over to Ralph Lauren, where you locate something that’s expensive and not quite right but you buy it anyway, because you’re running short of time, and then you don’t end up wearing that outfit anyway. But we’ll get to that later.

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