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Thursday, Part Three: The Edgar Awards

First, the bad news: Despite being entirely deserving and despite the fact that I not only clapped very hard but also said “whoo!” when her name was called, A Field of Darkness by Cornelia Read did not win the Best First Novel Edgar Award. But Cornelia said the guy who did win was good, so I guess that’s something.

The good news: Well, the food wasn’t bad. And by this point I was so far off my diet that I couldn’t even see it from there, so I went ahead and enjoyed. Also, I got to embarrass Karen by saying “Omigod, it’s Dave Barry” (in what I thought was a completely non-audible-to-him voice) as he walked by on his way to set up for the speech/roast he and Ridley Pearson were doing of Stephen King later in the evening. And the people at our table were nice, and everybody got an Edgar Allen Poe bobblehead to take home and the ceremony didn’t go on that long, even though there was no orchestra to play the recipients off the stage after their 4.8 seconds of speech time. And at the end of the evening they rolled out table after table of free books, and I took as many as my little Edgar Awards tote bag could hold, plus a couple more, because I have no shame when it comes to free books. And they were good books, too. I’ve already finished two.

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