Daisy Bateman

Saturday: Lunch and Beyond

My dad’s family is from Rhode Island, and I have a lot of childhood summer memories of hanging out at my grandparents’ in Narragansett. And, as childhood memories tend to, a lot of mine revolve around food. Lobster rolls, steamers, chowder, johnny cakes and coffee milk all figure heavily, but the big one is clam … Read more

YouTube Friday: Music And Lyrics

My favorite thing about JetBlue, aside from the blue potato chips, is the tv screens at every seat that let you pick what you want to watch, rather than being stuck getting sucked in to whatever they’re showing on the little screens in the middle of the aisle. Unfortunately, on this latest trip, I was … Read more

Home Now, Still Updating

So, the plan was that after the conference ended on Friday, I was going to take the ferry to Provincetown, on Cape Cod. I chose Provincetown because it was where the ferry went, because while I may be insane, I am not quite crazy enough to pass for a Boston driver, and anyway, I like … Read more

The Low-Power Travel Update, Part Two

(I have managed to borrow a power supply from the nice ladies who run the B&B, so I’ll try and blog until it’s time to leave for the ferry. This is not exactly going according to plan.) The conference went through Friday morning, but the sessions ended early on Thursday afternoon, so I had some … Read more

The Low-Power Travel Update, Part One

Another trip, another mad race through the airport (this time, barefoot) and another fancy hotel charging way too much for internet access. Which is why blogging is, yet again, delayed, with the added bonus that I’m actually prewriting my posts longhand because, while my lovely Cape Cod B&B (more on that later) does have free … Read more