Daisy Bateman

The Low-Power Travel Update, Part One

Another trip, another mad race through the airport (this time, barefoot) and another fancy hotel charging way too much for internet access. Which is why blogging is, yet again, delayed, with the added bonus that I’m actually prewriting my posts longhand because, while my lovely Cape Cod B&B (more on that later) does have free wireless, it does not have the power supply for my laptop, because I left that in the hotel room in Boston. Oops. So I’m doing my composition ahead of time to save battery.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way: the trip. I’m assuming that no one is crying out for the details of the Protein Engineering Summit (Recombinant and Monoclonal Antibodies tracks) so I’ll just say that the conference was fine and I did better than I expected at staying awake.

I will also say that I could really get used to this thing where someone else pays for you to stay in a fancy hotel. My room had a doorbell. (Why does a hotel room need a doorbell? I have no idea, but I had one.) It also had a flat-screen tv and a giant tub and a kind of window between the bedroom and the bathroom. Which struck me as kind of odd– how often have you said, “I love this room, but I wish more people could see me pee?” But I warmed up to it when I realized you could see the tv from the tub, if you sat up a little bit. Which was important, because I had discovered BBC America on the cable.

Aside from luxuriating in my expensive hotel room and realizing that everyone in the world was working on single-chain Fvs, what I mostly did was eat seafood. I skipped the obvious steamed lobster, because that’s not really something you eat sitting alone at a bar, but I did get some oysters. And some crab cakes. And, for lunch on Wednesday, a lobster roll. So I think I’m making some good progress on that one.

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