Daisy Bateman

Look! A thing!

This is Caddie. Caddie has a piece of sandpaper. You would think that sandpaper would not be the most comfortable thing to carry around in your mouth, but she doesn’t seem to mind. She’s just excited because she has a thing she can carry around, and she wants everyone to know it.

On Achievement

Recently finished reading a book about the Chicago World’s Fair (thanks Abigail!) and I came across this quote in one of the last chapters. It’s from a man named Sol Bloom, who was twenty-three when he was put in charge of the midway at the Fair. He made a massive amount of money, then lost … Read more

The Top Ten All-Time Worst Things to Step In

10. Excrement, herbivore9. A shallow hole8. Burning coals, when you have not achieved the proper mental state* to walk across them unscathed7. Excrement, carnivore6. It5. An unidentifiable thing that goes “squish”4. Excrement, omnivore3. A deep hole2. A mud-filled sinkhole in the Everglades*1. A land mine *as represented by foot speed*skip ahead to 4:15 for relevant … Read more