Daisy Bateman

Knee-Deep In Anklebiters

Last Sunday I went to my coworker’s baby shower, where I was the only white person, the only single person and the only person not accompanied by one or more small children and/or babies and/or pregnant. It was an interesting party. Educational, too, especially for the hostess, who learned things like “Why You Don’t Give a Gathering of Small Children Twenty-Four Colors of Play-Dough to Play With In a Carpeted Area” and “If You Own a Lovebird (They Bite), Be Sure to Warn People With Tiny Fingers to Keep Them Away From It”. I didn’t learn so much, but I did get to try seaweed-flavored potato chips, be slobbered on by another coworker’s five-month-old (and help teach his mother how to do “this little piggy went to market”) and impress another coworker’s eleven-year-old with my shoes.

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