Daisy Bateman

Let the Controversy Begin!

If my wanderings around the blogosphere have taught me anything (besides precisely how much time I can get away with wasting at work) it’s that nothing draws attention and gets a comments section going like a good list. Best this, worst that, shortest whatever. The downside is that everyone else figured this out before me, and all the good topics have been taken. Therefore, without further ado, Half the Fun presents:

The Top Ten All-Time Greatest Condiments

10. Chutney
9. Mustard, Yellow
8. Relish
7. Tabasco
6. Garum
5. Horseradish/Fake Wasabi*
4. Mustard, Fancy
3. Mayonnaise
2. Soy Sauce
1. Ketchup

*I have never been to a sushi restaurant fancy enough to serve real wasabi, hence its exclusion from this list.

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