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Big Dumb Movie Goes Boom

Last night I went to see “Live Free Or Die Hard”, possibly the best movie ever to be adapted from the New Hampshire state motto. A refreshingly retro movie-going experience, entirely free of people flying through the air, or morphing into something else, or having long conversations with characters who weren’t added until post-production. There were, however, one liners, and explosions, and one liners that came directly after explosions. (“You just killed a helicopter with a car!” “I was out of bullets.”) There was also pizza and refreshing adult beverages, because we saw it at the Cerrito, a second-run theater where such things are served. I like it there; it’s cheap and there’s a relaxed kind of atmosphere where you can get away with the occasional sotto voce commentary. (Me: “Since when do servers have CD drives?” Mary: “”That’s where you lose your suspension of disbelief?”)
In short, if you are in the market for a big dumb movie to go boom at you, you could do worse.

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