Daisy Bateman

Now This, This Can’t Be Good

Personally, I blame the patients. If they had just had the good sense to have their steroid-refractory severe ulcerative colitis respond to our drug, instead of falling for the old placebo trick, then everything would be fine. Stupid patients. Perhaps I should explain. Yesterday at my place of employ, we had a company-wide all-hands meeting, … Read more


Are you irritated by the amount of money you have hanging around? Do you have strange and delusional ideas about the needs of your pets? Or perhaps you simply enjoy the feeling of water pouring down your shoes? Well, have I got a product for you.

A Truly Dirty Job

Prior (much prior) to hosting the show Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel, Mike Rowe sold crap in the middle of the night on QVC. Like “Precious Moments” figurines: And a bag for your cat: And Lava Lamps: “A singular opportunity to not only enjoy the effects of bubbling lava, but also fuse you fingers … Read more

Is Someone Trying to Tell Me Something?

Apparently, I am not meant to get to work this week. On Wednesday it was (potential) jury duty, yesterday I had to get new tires and now I learn that all lanes of 880 are closed just past my exit because of a spill that was initially called sewage, but now is being described as … Read more

What Your Personal Electronics Think About You

Not that I don’t love modern life, with its blogging and fuel additives and flush toilets, but I’m a little concerned by the number of inanimate objects that seem to have formed opinions about me. For example, my tivo is firmly convinced that I love the program “How It’s Made” on the Discovery Channel. It … Read more

Four Things I Learned Today, And One I Already Knew

What I Learned:1. When a tire catastrophically fails at 75 mph, it sounds like whup whup whupwhupwhupwhupWHUPWHUPWHUPWHUPWHUPWHUPWHUPWHUPWHUP2. It takes a long time for a tow truck to reach you on 880 during rush hour.3. The CHP maintains a fleet of tow trucks that patrol the freeways, looking for disabled vehicles and helping and/or towing them … Read more