Daisy Bateman

Monday: Travel Notes

How is it that, with all the recent crackdowns, the FAA has not set a minimum penalty for whistling on international flights? (One suggestion: death.)

Quantas: Best in-flight entertainment ever. Slight point deduction for the fact that when I tried to watch the documentary on the Forbidden City, I got the movie “License to Wed”, but that Robin Williams virus can be pernicious.

Quantas food: Not quite as good as Cathay Pacific’s, but distinctly etable. Surprising, particularly when you consider that the British culinary tradition is to make everything taste like airplane food.

Post-dinner, approx. 11 pm
Flight Attendant: “Would you like some tea?”
Me: “Does it have caffine?”
FA (confused): “Doesn’t tea always have caffine?”
Me (confused, somewhat embarassed): “Well, sometimes they make it without.”
FA: “I’ll check.”
FA (returning): “Yes, it has caffine.”
Me: “Okay, thank you, but not right now.”

Today’s travel epiphany: There isn’t much point in having a window seat if you’re flying over the Pacific at night.

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