Daisy Bateman

Project Hairway

I love Project Runway, because it has highly skilled people competing in what they are best at. And I love judging people because, who doesn’t? But, since every blog maintained by a female between the ages of fifteen and thirty-five has long since done a rundown on the contestants, I thought I would judge them … Read more

Happy Day of Turkey!

It’s eleven am here in the not-quite-frozen north of California and the nutbars are cooked, the pies are in the oven, my cheese ball is about a quarter consumed, I’ve washed two batches of dishes and I’m stirring the stuffing while Mom prepares the 25 pound turkey for the oven and Uncle Bruce plays his … Read more

On the Nature of Hell

Sartre famously said, “Hell is other people.” I say, “Hell is other people you work with who are bored because they already packed everything for the move, and have come into possession of a very large amount of bubble wrap.” p.s. Having spent most of the week so far listening to every pop song that … Read more