Daisy Bateman

Project Hairway

I love Project Runway, because it has highly skilled people competing in what they are best at. And I love judging people because, who doesn’t? But, since every blog maintained by a female between the ages of fifteen and thirty-five has long since done a rundown on the contestants, I thought I would judge them by their hair:

Carmen: Highly sculptural: part high fashion, part horrible incident in a wind tunnel.

Chris: Standard male haircut, $12.99 at Supercuts.

Jack: Standard male haircut, $250 at sleekly minimalist salon.

Steven/Rami: Taking the graceful approach to male-pattern baldness and elimiating the evidence.

Kit: Very late-period Cyndi Lauper, but in a good way.

Christian: “A Flock of Seagulls in high humidity.”

Elisa: Hair is pleasant, attractive. The crazy is in the eyes.

Jillian: Perfect pretty princess curls. I’m not sure quite why, but I seem to hate her.

Kevin: This season’s token straight man celebrates with some wacky facial hair.

Ricky: Wears a lot of hats: the “hoping no one will notice” approach to male-pattern baldness.

Update: Having seen the latest episode of the show, I can confirm that he is not, in fact, bald. The reason for the hats remains a mystery.

Sweet P: Like her, hate the bangs. Not so much “stylish and youthful-looking” as it is “mutton dressed as lamb.”

Victorya: Hair that will stop at nothing to win.

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