Daisy Bateman

Entrance Poll

Thanks to a new feature on Blogger, I can now easily add a poll to my sidebar. For the first one I have chosen a topic near and dear to my heart; indeed, to anyone who has ever gotten a little silly with their drink orders while on vacation. Vote early, vote often! The future … Read more

Cat, Out of Bag

Earlier this evening, my cat, Miss Marple, was being her usual deeply neurotic self, charging around the apartment (with occasional breaks to sit right outside the door whenever I went into the bathroom). At one point she found an interesting paper bag on a chair, got into it, knocked it down and fled. I admonished … Read more

I Think We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Blog

Day two of Daisy and Megan’s Coastal Adventure dawned rainy, which was okay, because this was our day for the aquarium. Our hotel, in a nice variation on the standard “fruit and pastries in the lobby” breakfast, delivered it to our door in a charming basket. It did mean that we had to make our … Read more

Cute Overload

At the moment, Megan and I are in Carmel. We came down just for the weekend as a girls’ getaway and because they have a new great white shark at the Monterey aquarium. Carmel (actual name: Carmel-by-the-Sea) is very cute, almost pathalogically so, especially in the downtown area. The houses are cute, the hotels are … Read more

The Twelve Dollar Bowl of Popcorn

Last Sunday, Mary and I went shopping in the city. Makeup was tried on, shoes were bought, and a general good time was had. But by the end of the afternoon we found ourselves tired and in need of sustenance and, it being not quite dinnertime, we decided to stop for a drink. We ended … Read more

San Mateo: The Quest For Tempura

As you may know, I recently moved to San Mateo, California. It is a fine place, if somewhat heavy on the yuppie factor, and short of quality bakeries. What it does have, though, is a lot of Japanese restaurants; approximately five hundred in the downtown area, by my estimate. This is good, because I like … Read more

Cassie Edwards and the Mutable Nature of Authordom

Perhaps you are aware of the recent kerfluffle over the work of romance novelist Cassie Edwards. Perhaps not. In either case, I will summarize: As far as I can tell, Cassie Edwards writes romance novels with titles like “Savage Thunder” in which white chicks fall in love with Noble Savages (who are, presumably, thundering), in … Read more