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Californians: Wimps or Pansies?

As promised, we’re having some weather today. In fact, we’re having so much weather that I am writing this from the apartment, having been sent home from work because the road to the office park was flooding. In related news, trees are down all over the place, one bridge and several sections of highway are closed, flight delays are over two hours and OH MY GOD WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE.

Ahem. Sorry, where was I? Oh right, the rain.

The fun part about this storm is that I don’t even have to go outside to experience it. Upon getting up this morning and going into the sunroom (a converted porch that adjoins my room) to feed the cat, I noticed a certain dripping dampness, which turned out to be the ceiling, all the way along one wall of windows. So that was fun, but not nearly as amusing as arriving at work and learning that every one of the floor-to-ceiling windows on every floor of our fancy new office building was showing the same approach to the concept of “watertight” as the Titanic did, post-iceberg. Did I mention that we just moved to these buildings two months ago, at great expense to the company (which is now, coincidentally, up for sale) and extreme inconvenience to the East Bay-based employee base? Good times.

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