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Cute Overload

At the moment, Megan and I are in Carmel. We came down just for the weekend as a girls’ getaway and because they have a new great white shark at the Monterey aquarium. Carmel (actual name: Carmel-by-the-Sea) is very cute, almost pathalogically so, especially in the downtown area. The houses are cute, the hotels are cute, the stores and everything in them: cute. I have to assume that everybody who lives or works here goes home and listens to death metal just to relax. Left to my own devices, I might have become somewhat snarky, but since I was with Megan, who is a great friend and an excellent psychologist and an all-around sterling individual, but whose love of the adorable borders on psychotic, I became very, very snarky indeed. You may find this unfair and frankly cruel of me, considering the degree she has put up with my driving style, but in my defense, she likes Thomas Kincaid.
Another thing Carmel has is an Anthropologie, which meant that I had to go and spend some money, because it is actually impossible for me not to. I think it has something to do with physics.
We had meant to go to tea at the Tuck Box, a restaurant known for its devotion to being cute, but apparently not known for staying open past two-thirty, so we ended up going to a hotel owned by Doris Day instead. (Did you know she was still alive? I didn’t.) There were lots of dogs all over the place and a very fine tea, so that worked out.
Now we’re off to dinner and I have to stop with the blogging because I’m doing it on my iPod and my fingers are starting to cramp.

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  1. Hi,
    Carmel sounds nice. Costa Rica is about on the level of Mexico in terms of sites. I actually remarked that Heredia which was supposed to be somewhat old fashioned and attractive was “not Carmel”.

  2. I think growing up in Carmel has a lot to do with the genesis of my personal snark factor. You can only take so much of the whole fake Tudor Disney dwarf cottage aesthetic before you start smoking Gauloises and muttering darkly about the apocalypse.


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