Daisy Bateman

Californians: Wimps or Pansies?

As promised, we’re having some weather today. In fact, we’re having so much weather that I am writing this from the apartment, having been sent home from work because the road to the office park was flooding. In related news, trees are down all over the place, one bridge and several sections of highway are … Read more

It’s Nice When People Enjoy Their Jobs

As you may have heard, California is about to have some weather. So, in honor of the event I have been watching the Weather Channel, because it just isn’t that often that we get to see that multicolored swirly thing heading at us, and I wanted to share with you a couple of gems from … Read more


Happy New Year! I hope your celebrations were at least as exciting and fabulous as mine were. Though, frankly, I realize that not everyone can manage the glamorous one-two punch of a Discovery Channel marathon and a cup of cocoa at midnight, so perhaps it’s better that you just live vicariously through me. It’s all … Read more