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Oscar Blogging

5:35: Is this thing on?
5:43: Okay, it’s working but it’s slow. So far so good, Jon Stewart’s monologue was funny, and he didn’t get too hung up on politics. So far we’ve had beer and a humus platter, but no popcorn because they were out by the time we got to the front of the line.
5:54: Ratatouille wins! Now I don’t have to trash the theater. Soon we will have popcorn.
6:05: They have hosts who are hosting during the commercials. I’d say more but the show is back on and the popcorn is here.
6:21: Now they’re doing thumb wresting between two women dressed as Mrs. Lovett from Sweeny Todd. Neither of them seems to know how to thumb wrestle. Montage count:4. Beer count: 2.
6:27: I can’t believe that stanard-issue inspirational song was nominated over anything from “Hairspray”.
6:34: Did I mention we got gift bags when we came in? No five hundred dollar sunglasses or anything, but I did get a nice bottle opener. Montage #5 playing now.
6:48: The presentation of the technical awards has always seemed a little condescending to me, like “here are these people who do the work and come up with the innovations that make the wonder of the movies possible, but we think they’re such losers that this is their only chance to see a pretty girl.”
6:56: I kind of love Kristen Chenoworth. Even if I’m not totally sure how to spell her name.
7:06: Twenty-time nominee Kevin … (I’ll look it up) denied again. When will it end?
7:08: I have lost count of the number of montages at this point. We’re on our second bowl of popcorn.
7:16: Thank you life! Thank you love!
7:31: Nichole Kidman: that’s a lot of necklace.
7:32: Mary says, “Hi, Abigail.”
7:42: Just finished beer 2. I can tell it’s working because I keep losing popcorn down my shirt.
7:49: This seems to have stopped working. Not sure why. In related news, the crowd here is now noticably drunk. Also, some jerk keeps taking multiple flash pictures into the audience.
8:15: “Discrimination I don’t have to face as a married woman.” That one gets a big, ironic, laugh.
8:44: “No Country for Old Men,” huh? I was guessing it would be “There Will Be Blood.” I didn’t see either one, so I remain unmoved.
All done!

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  1. I agree on the Kidman necklace comment–although the jewelers must have been relieved that someone wore a necklace since almost no one else did.

    Also, Cerrito Theater sounded fun.


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