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Further Proof That the Cosmetics Industry Despises Its Customers, As if Such Was Needed

A couple of weeks ago, Mary and I were at the Bloomingdales in the city. Mary was getting her makeup done by one of the many makeup ladies who roam the first floor and I was supervising, by which I mean watching and making unnecessary comments. Anyway, the lady did a nice job on Mary’s makeup, and when she was almost done she told us to wait a minute and went off to another counter. When she came back, she had a a spray bottle with a magnet in it, which she proceeded to spritz Mary’s face with. This, she explained, was to set the makeup, and the reason you wanted to use this particular water was because (and I’m paraphrasing) “regular water will dry up and pull more moisture out of your face, but because this has the magnet in it, it is polarized so it sticks better”.

(Insert sounds of screaming, heads pounding on walls.)

Actually, we both just smiled and nodded, because the poor girl seemed so happy about and, and she only knew what she had read in the product literature. Besides, the cosmetics ladies were nice to me back when I didn’t know which end of the mascara wand to poke myself in the eye with, so who am I to judge? But to you I say: “Arrgh!

Oh, and that little bottle of magnet-enhanced water? Fifty dollars for four ounces.

Now who’s pounding their head on the wall?

2 thoughts on “Further Proof That the Cosmetics Industry Despises Its Customers, As if Such Was Needed”

  1. And the water industry thinks we customers are clueless. I match your polarized water with Pentawater, it has a different structure of water. say that with a straight face.

    I read and article that stated that a company was going to use the Sun’s heat, instead of its light, for a solar powered alternative source of energy. now that was the fault of the writer, not necessarily the company.



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