Daisy Bateman

Valentine’s Noir

Last Thursday I came in to work to find a small bag of candy on my desk, carefully prepared by a coworker for all the members of our group. I’ve been nibbling on it ever since, and today I happened to read the writing printed on the pretty, pink-striped bag: Life was beautiful then. I … Read more

Your Special Favorite Locker

I know that it’s nice to have a special favorite locker in the locker room at the gym. You pick one out and you return to it every time, and it’s one less thing to think about. But if your special favorite locker happens to be next to the only other person in the entire … Read more

Why Tempura?

It’s a reasonable question, if not one that anyone has actually asked me. But I’m going to answer it anyway. The way I see it, there are two trains of reasoning behind my choice of test dishes; I’ll call them “rational” and “emotional”, because that’s what they are. My rational reasoning is fairly straightforward. The … Read more

Tempurapalooza 2008: The Saga Continues

California Roll41 E. 4th AveSan Mateo, CA Last week, while I was having my dinner, I was able to pretend fairly convincingly that I was an expat, living in Tokyo, eating at the neighborhood restaurant around the corner from my tiny furnished apartment. Tonight, with the couple to my right discussing Flickr and the band … Read more

The Votes Are In

And the answer is clear. What the American People want in their tropical drinks is: More Alcohol Followed closely by “Skewer With Fruit”, which is itself followed closely by “Paper Umbrella”, which is in turn followed at a close range by “Actual Umbrella”. In a surprising upset, it would appear that the American People do … Read more

Tempura-rary Postponement

Due to the absolutely massive dim sum lunch I had in celebration of Chinese New Year’s, there will be no tempura tasting today. Tune in tomorrow night for the next exciting chapter in this saga!

Super Thursday!

Hurry! Only 37 minutes left to vote in the all-important “best thing to put in a tropical drink” poll! Unless you’re reading this later in the day! Then there will be less time! Or possibly none!