Daisy Bateman

The Evolution of an Idea

I was surfing through the movie listings on my Tivo (what, like you have something better to do on a Saturday night?) and I came across listings for all five “Death Wish” movies. I would like to share their synopses here, for their instructional value in what they say about the creative process: Death Wish: … Read more

Return to Tempura Island

I realize I allowed my tempura-based obligations to lapse last week; it happened to be a week when life decided to punch me in the face a couple of times, and I thought it might have affected my taste buds. Also, I didn’t feel like it. Hotaru Japanese Restaurant33 E 3rd AveSan Mateo I keep … Read more

Good Dog, Else

Else (pictured, front, with Caddie) 1995-2008 Not the best picture, perhaps, taken in action on Christmas morning with the traditional gift of a cow femur, cut in half, but definitely Else at her happiest. In fact, I don’t think any animal has ever been as happy as Else with a bone. When she had that, … Read more

Glengarry Glen Smurf

[Dave Moss explodes at Ricky Roma and shouts] Dave Moss: You’re smurfed, Rick. Are you smurfing nuts? You’re hot, so you think you’re the ruler of this place. Shelley Levene: Now wait a minute, Dave. Dave Moss: Shut up! Shelley Levene: Okay… Dave Moss: You want to decide who should be dealt with how, is … Read more

New Poll: What Do You Hate About Your Hair?

I have what is known as “wavy” hair. You know those TV ads where the women have hair flows in long shiny waves that they flip around in bright sunshiney places full of flowers? That’s not what my hair is like. In this context, for “wavy,” read “does whatever it damn well pleases, even if … Read more

What Have I Become?

Apparently, the kind of person who makes an LOLcat homage to an XKCD comic: see more crazy cat pics The nice men with the van should be here any minute. (Note: the text looks fine when I preview it; I have no idea why it doesn’t work on the blog.)


So, we had this grand plan for our Sunday in the city, involving getting up early and taking the ferry to Alcatraz (I’ve never been, despite having lived in the Bay Area most of my life) before the lines got long, then coming back in time to have our traditional tea and get Megan back … Read more

Saturday, Part Two: High Times

It was still early in the afternoon when we were done with Pier 39, and since we were being tourists it seemed like an appropriately touristy thing to do to go climb Telegraph Hill to Coit Tower. We saw the parrots fly by, but didn’t spot them in the trees along the stairs, though we … Read more

Daisy and Megan in the Big City

Saturday: Part One Our Monterey Adventure having gone so well, Megan and I decided that our next weekend trip would be to somewhere more urban. So on Saturday morning we travelled by train from Berkeley to the fine city of San Francisco for a weekend of touristy fun. I had come across a deal at … Read more

Going. . .Going. . . Going . . .

It’s been about a week and a half since the big layoffs announcement and the exits are well and truly underway. Some people send out goodbye emails, some wander around the building saying their farewells, some I don’t even know they’re going until they’re gone. We had a kind of mass going-away party in the … Read more