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New Poll: How Many Drinks Would It Take To Get You To Sing Karaoke?

(Update: Polling is fixed. Please answer responsibly.)

Last Saturday I went to my friends Wes and Mayanka’s shared birthday party, held at a karaoke bar in the city. It was an agreeably dive-y place, with a full-on karaoke setup in the front, and packed to the gills with people. There was a well-thumbed book of songs available for singing, with classics like “Don’t Cha” and the entire Neil Diamond oeuvre.

I am not a singer, at least not in public. What happens in the safety of my car is nobody’s business but my own. But my only previous experience with karaoke was singing backup for “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” at a pub in Edinburgh, and I felt no need to add to that. At most, by the third drink I was receptive to Jora’s suggestion that we do a group rendition of “Free Falling”, but the facts that I was driving home and the bar was so crowded that you had to wait about an hour and a half between when you put in your song and when you got your chance to sing meant that by the time our turn came around the idea was significantly less appealling. And I have to tell you, there are few things duller than a karaoke bar when you are sober.

So, my question to you is (or will be, when the aforementioned techincal difficulties get straightened out): How many drinks would it take to get you to sing karaoke?

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