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So, we had this grand plan for our Sunday in the city, involving getting up early and taking the ferry to Alcatraz (I’ve never been, despite having lived in the Bay Area most of my life) before the lines got long, then coming back in time to have our traditional tea and get Megan back for her yoga lesson.

Well, we made it for tea.

In my defense, I should point out that my modest excesses of Saturday night did not have any noticeable effect on me in the morning, beyond a mild headache (a fact I attribute to the vast amounts of water I drank before going to bed). But even being in perfectly good shape, it is hard to get motivated to leap out of bed first thing in the morning after a late night to go and do something you could do any weekend you happened to get around to it, especially when you’ve got a nice comfy bed to stay in.

Short version: I still have never been to Alcatraz.

Instead, after the rather standard chafing-dish buffet in the hotel dining room (uninspiring, but included), we made our way out for a day of casual shopping downtown. First stop was back to Macy’s, because I needed socks and where I happened to also acquire a pair of shoes. I have no idea how these things happen to me.

I’ll spare you the complete blow-by-blow account, except to say that we made an entirely predictable stop at Anthropologie, increasing my ratio of pretty dresses:events to wear dresses to, to about 15:1. But you never know; at any moment my life might transform into a whirl of cocktail parties and gala openings and what-have-you, and if that happens I want to be prepared.

We did make it for tea, at the restaurant at the top of Neiman Marcus, where we were seated next to a group of ladies there for a baby shower. Which was fine, except for the part where one of them, the honoree, I think, got into a detailed description of the urinary habits of her small child, which she clearly found absolutely fascinating.

Remember, folks, children make you insane.

And that, my friends, pretty much wraps up our weekend in the city. Sure, there were things I left out, like me trolling through DSW for shoes for Megan, or the large and inexplicable group of people of all genders dressed in bridal gowns roaming the streets on Saturday, but I think you get the idea.

Next time: Yosemite?

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