Daisy Bateman

New Poll: What Do You Hate About Your Hair?

I have what is known as “wavy” hair. You know those TV ads where the women have hair flows in long shiny waves that they flip around in bright sunshiney places full of flowers? That’s not what my hair is like. In this context, for “wavy,” read “does whatever it damn well pleases, even if it violates one or more laws of physics.” So I end up either straightening it (and having it revert to “wavy” at some point during the day) or trying, with products and scrunching, to make it curly (which I have not yet quite mastered, and generally end up looking like I slept under a bench in a windstorm). But, contrary to all evidence, this is not about me. I know that everybody has something they hate about their hair, and because I care so much, I want to know: what bugs you?

(Okay, I guess I need to be at work to put up a poll. Look for it here tomorrow.)

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