Daisy Bateman

Sleep Deprived in the Restless City

So much to tell, so little time until I lapse into unconciousness. Let’s get to it, shall we? As you may have gathered from my previous post, I spent today in New York City (New York City?!). I arrived at about 7:30 am, having left SFO at 11 last night, on a largely sleepless red-eye … Read more

New York Calling (Or Not)

(I’m on vacation on the east coast for the next week and a bit, in case you didn’t know.) So this morning I staggered off my flight from California to New York (on Virgin America: Putting the “red” in red-eye) and got myself ready to go to my friend Lisa’s apartment, because she is kindly … Read more

I’m Just A Puppet On A String. . .

Well, I’m not, but one of my stories will be. Perhaps I should explain. Several years ago, after a weekend in which I watched two episodes of “Relic Hunter” and a late-night showing of “Goonies,” I wrote a very silly story about a contractor who specializes in building elaborate traps to protect ancient relics (of … Read more

Moibus Tempura

Maru Maru213 2nd St.San Mateo I thought I was almost done. I had three more restaurants to try and then I was going to tie this little project up with a bow and call it a day. That was manageable. I could do that. And then, while I was looking for parking near one of … Read more


Said by “Sir” Andrew Lloyd Webber to David Cook during their rehearsal segment on tonight’s American Idol: “Look at me like I’m the most beautiful seventeen-year-old girl in the world. Look into my eyes and sing to me.” GAH!

The Googlebet

I now present to you the alphabet, as generated by the “most searched terms” dropdown from the Google box in my browser: A is for AmazonB is for Bebo, apparentlyC is for CraigslistD is for DictionaryE is for EbayF is for FacebookG is for GmailH is for HotmailI is for ImdbJ is for John Lewis, … Read more

The Edgars Project

New blog project! (Blogect? Prog?) For my next trick, I will be reading all the books that have won the Edgar Award for best novel in the history of the award. I got the idea from a suggestion for starting a book group to read every Pulitzer winner, which sounded educational but not like a … Read more

On The Twelfth Day of Tempura

Fuji Sukiyaki428 E. 3rd Ave.San Mateo, CA I was nearly done with my dinner– a definitely above-average offering at a mostly-empty place across the Caltrain tracks from the main part of the downtown– when I started to get the feeling I had forgotten something. But what? I had my tempura and my sashimi. I had … Read more

A General Request

If I ever show any inclination to do something like this: Please shoot me with a tranquilizer dart, shave my head, give me fifteen tatoos and drop me off at the Sturges motorcycle rally. I’ll thank you later.