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Marjorie James, Proud Employee of “Biotech Co.”

There are a number of ways a person can change employers. You can quit, staple your letter of resignation to your boss’s forehead and ride off to a life of glamor and ease and excellent cafeteria food. You can be fired, for threatening to staple things to your boss’s forehead, and eventually get work as a part-time Walmart greeter and learn new ways to prepare ramen noodles. You can even be hit by a car as you are hurrying to tell your friends that you found a producer for your Broadway show, lose your memory and find a new career in advertising until your girlfriend punches you back to your senses. Or, apparently, your employer can decide that what they really want to do is keep the parts of the company that make money, and spin off everything else (that is, the people who actually do things like research) into a new company to be named later.

Never a dull #^@&ing moment.

2 thoughts on “Marjorie James, Proud Employee of “Biotech Co.””

  1. maybe to improve employee morale there should be a naming contest for the new spin-off company. You should nominate: Never a Dull #^@&ing Moment Corp.

    sorry, though, and hope things settle down soon

    Karen Catalona


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