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I’m Just A Puppet On A String. . .

Well, I’m not, but one of my stories will be.

Perhaps I should explain. Several years ago, after a weekend in which I watched two episodes of “Relic Hunter” and a late-night showing of “Goonies,” I wrote a very silly story about a contractor who specializes in building elaborate traps to protect ancient relics (of course, they aren’t ancient yet, but they will be by the time the intrepid adventurers come for them). Much to my delight, the story was purchased by a website and produced as a podcast, which I figured was just about the best thing that would ever happen to it. At least until last week, when I received an email requesting permission to adapt it to a marionette show. (I’ll just give you a minute to let that sink in.)

Still with me? Good. So, the idea, as I understand it, is to perform the play next May at Penguicon 7.0 in Romulus, Michigan, in cooperation with the Dreamland Theater of Ypsilanti, Michigan. Details (and, I sincerely hope, video) to follow presently.

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