Daisy Bateman

Key Lyme Thigh

So, I probably don’t have Lyme disease, which is nice. True, there are a lot of diseases I don’t have, almost all of them, in fact, but for most of this weekend I thought Lyme disease was one I did, and I’m just as happy to be wrong about that. It started out with what … Read more

Temp(ura) Work

Tenka Japanese Restaurant246 S. B StSan Mateo, CA I think, at this point, I may have fallen victim to the malaise that seems to strike almost every reviewer after continual exposure to the thing they are reviewing. I still like tempura, I think, and anyway I have come far enough in this misguided project that … Read more

Marjorie James, Proud Employee of “Biotech Co.”

There are a number of ways a person can change employers. You can quit, staple your letter of resignation to your boss’s forehead and ride off to a life of glamor and ease and excellent cafeteria food. You can be fired, for threatening to staple things to your boss’s forehead, and eventually get work as … Read more

Not That I Would Ever Do This

But there’s a site where people send email they get from their moms:Postcards From Yo Mama Some of the best:I suffer. Please be in touch. Whoa, the tree on your blog sight reminds me of the tree I pictured my acorn people living in! Who is jessica alba?Sent from my BlackBerry You received a letter … Read more