Daisy Bateman

Portion Control

Trying to stick to a lighter diet but constantly thwarted by the vast, empty expanses of your dishes? Well, have I got the bowl for you. On the other hand, ramen is all empty carbs. Better only eat half.

No Bread For You!

So last night I was out at dinner with some friends (it was Lisa’s last night in town before she returned to the lonely hinterlands of New York City), at a place that included on its menu a dish with “balsamic redaction.” Also on offer was spaghetti with meatballs, which a couple of people decided … Read more

A Brainteaser for You

You know that trick where someone tells you “don’t think of a pink elephant” and you can’t think of anything else for the next ten minutes or so? Well, in that vein, I’d just like to challenge you to read this article and not think of Jason Giambi in a gold thong. You’re welcome. (Credit/blame … Read more

Lisa’s Bachelorette Party: A Photo Essay

It started with shopping (not pictured). And lunch. (Also not pictured, but tasty.) Next stop was the Bliss Spa, where you can sit out on the rooftop patio while you are waiting for your pedicure. Then we went back to maid-of-honor Iljie’s apartment, where she had laid out a lovely spread: And Lisa was required … Read more

Blood for Oil? Yeah, Okay.

On Monday I gave some blood at work (ten tubes! no fainting!), and received in exchange fifty dollars from petty cash. Today I spent that money on gas for my car. I think this may be symbolic of something.