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Lisa’s Bachelorette Party: A Photo Essay

It started with shopping (not pictured). And lunch. (Also not pictured, but tasty.)

Next stop was the Bliss Spa, where you can sit out on the rooftop patio while you are waiting for your pedicure.

Then we went back to maid-of-honor Iljie’s apartment, where she had laid out a lovely spread:

And Lisa was required to put on a sash and open presents:

Later, a feather boa got involved:

It turns out that a unstructured cotton minidress, while supremely comfortable, does not photograph well, especially when you have yanked it down over your knees:

But at least the highlights turned out nice:

Is my face really that flat?

In an entirely inappropriate move, my gift to Lisa was: books. To read on her honeymoon in Bora Bora. She seemed to like them, though.

What can I say? I gotta be me.

She had already read this one, and helpfully explained the plot:

To get to dinner, we rode on MUNI:

With a guy in a fake mustache:

Perhaps he’s a spy?

For dinner we went to Home, a restaurant that specializes in upscale versions of classic American comfort food (in this case, “upscale” means “really good” and not “stupid and annoying”). Imagine hipster San Franciscans lining up for pot roast and meatloaf, which they will do here, because it is good. So is the cornbread:

We all enjoyed the dinner:

And the drinks:

(Though I have to admit, by this point, about nine hours in, I was actually starting to get tired of the girly drinks. I tried to get them to make me a gin ricky, but the bartender didn’t know how.)

After dinner we had intended to go on to a night of partying, but it turns out we’re all old, so instead we went back to Jora’s apartment, crashed on the couch:

(It’s important to stay hydrated.)

And watched Lisa play Guitar Hero.

Now that was a party.

2 thoughts on “Lisa’s Bachelorette Party: A Photo Essay”

  1. Looks like an awesome day! And the dress still looks cute in the photo.

    I ate at Home once – I remember awesome Mac and Cheese. The mouth, she drools.


  2. I didn’t order the mac and cheese, but I did have a bite of David’s, and I have to say, he’s lucky I was too tired to beat him up and steal the plate, because it really was that good.


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