Daisy Bateman

No, Really, I’m Feeling Fine

One of the handy things about being sick is that it gives other people something to talk to you about. For example, as I was arriving at work yesterday, I ran into my next-door cube neighbor Marie. She asked me if I was getting over my cold and I said yes, though I was still … Read more

Why I Need to Start Carrying an Airhorn

Overheard on the street yesterday: Guy: “So, how allergies work is, some time in the past, one of your ancestors had something and it made them sick, and their body was like, ‘Let’s not have that again,’ and it turned off the gene, and that got passed down to their descendants. And what our company … Read more

One Flu Over the Tempura’s Nest

That’s right, once again I am depriving you fried, crispy (or perhaps soggy, depending) goodness, this time depending on the excuse of a bad head cold. Which, admittedly, is largely finished by now, aside from the constant and annoying need to depressurize my head and occasional coughing fit, but I feel that the lack of … Read more

. . . but I’m Feeling Much Better Now*

Today I woke and thought, “Hey, I don’t feel that bad this morning. I can breathe and everything.” Then I realized that statement wasn’t strictly true, since it was actually one in the afternoon. But still, progress is being made. *Why can I not find a video of this on YouTube? What is wrong with … Read more

Label Me

Just arising from my flu-induced torpor to note that I have added links to all the post labels for the blog to the sidebar. Now if you want to read everything I’ve ever written about the Olympics or stolen from other blogs, they’re just a click away. Why would you want to do that? Well, … Read more


So I’m staying home sick today, curled up in bed coughing and being annoyed with the world. Specifically, the part of the world that thinks leaf blowers are a good idea, and that they must be used every day, in every suburb, at about the time that sick people have finally decided that they aren’t … Read more

Carrie Underwood: Gassy and Forgetful?

Carrie Underwood, singer, American Idol winner, and famous belcher has a new hit song, Last Name. And since in the past I have made fun of her music, I thought I ought to make a serious consideration of the lyrics of this one, in order to offer it the respect that it deserves. It’s a … Read more

Tempura Obscura

You thought I forgot, didn’t you? Or maybe you assumed I just permanently flaked? Either way, the perception is understandable, if not entirely accurate. It’s true that I have fallen short on my tempura-tasting mission of late, but fear not, faithful reader! I shall return. It’s just that I’ve been kind of busy, and it … Read more