Daisy Bateman

Why I Need to Start Carrying an Airhorn

Overheard on the street yesterday:

Guy: “So, how allergies work is, some time in the past, one of your ancestors had something and it made them sick, and their body was like, ‘Let’s not have that again,’ and it turned off the gene, and that got passed down to their descendants. And what our company does is, we turn that gene back on.”

Woman he’s talking to: “Wow, that’s really interesting.”


4 thoughts on “Why I Need to Start Carrying an Airhorn”

  1. Seems like his company is doing something really dangerous. I mean, what if the illness that the allergy gene is blocking is like, cancer or something? When they flip that gene back on, you might suddenly drop dead from a giant tumor or something!

  2. What’s the problem? Isn’t it just like how a giraffe stretches its neck really hard to reach a leaf that’s way up there, and then its offspring have longer necks? (I’m putting my fingers in my ears to avoid permanent hearing damage. Airhorns are loud.)

  3. Grarr that is annoying.

    Someone once told me that plant proteins were made up of fundamentally different building blocks than animal proteins. AIRHORN TIME!


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