Daisy Bateman

Oh. My God. Shoes.

Dear Federal Government,

Thank you very much for the lovely economic stimulus check. As it happens, I’ve been having a fairly stressful week, and your letter was just what I needed to make it better. Particularly since the someone mentioned to me yesterday that Barney’s (the intimidatingly fancy department store, not the burger place with the excellent curly fries) was having a sale. So, since I was out anyway, I happened to wander by there, and picked up a little something for myself:

Cameron thinks I’m insane, but he won’t admit it. But what was I going to do? They were on second markdown.

Economically Yours,

7 thoughts on “Oh. My God. Shoes.”

  1. I completely support your contribution to the economy. Those are cute shoes. Also agree that shopping is a good stress reliever and you definitely earned those shoes this week!

  2. Mom: Thanks! Glad you approve.

    Alice: Mouse over the picture for the answer.

    Mary: I don’t have anything to say here; I just didn’t want you to feel left out.

    Michelle: Cool! Off to send an email now.


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