Daisy Bateman

The Main Event

That’s right, I was in Kansas City for a wedding, wasn’t I? A wedding which I, coincidentally, attended, which was handy, because I already had the dress. And the purse. And, most critically, the shoes. The wedding in question was that of my friend Lisa (she of the apartment of the actual-Empire-State-building view) to her … Read more


I only had one clear plan on coming to Kansas City (aside from attending the weddings, which was kind of assumed) and that was to have some barbecue. I even brought my copy of Roadfood, but I didn’t end up needing it. Because Lisa informed me that the place to go was Gates, and the … Read more

Kansas City State of Mind

What does a Californian do with a spare day in a Midwestern city? Answer: Anything she wants, provided all she wants is to wander around an outdoor mall until the heat and humidity get to be too much for her and she has to retreat to her hotel. Fortunately, that did happen to be what … Read more

Midwestern Idyll

Yes, I’m travelling again, this time to Kansas City, cosmopolitan heart of the greater Kansas City area. I’m here for Lisa’s wedding (you remember Lisa, right? The one with the apartment in New York), here on Saturday. It’s a little different from my last travel experience; in terms of both neon sign and humidity levels. … Read more

Who I am Cheering For in the Olympics And How I Chose Them

Geographical Proximity:1. USA: USA! USA!2. Canada: USA! US– OK, no. But close enough.3. Mexico: North America! North America! Personal Heritage:4. Lithuania: Two great-grandparents. Not a huge contender, though surprisingly strong in, of all things, basketball.5. Switzerland: One great-grandfather, distant relatives still living there. Seem to turn up in rowing and equestrian events.6. Ireland: One great-great … Read more

Shiny Little Gymnast Butts

Lately, in what appears to be an unanticipated side-effect of watching way too much Olympics, I have been having a small problem with the random appearance of gymnast butts. Not that they’re stalking me or something; I don’t go through the day fearful that any moment a spandex-clad and unnervingly firm hind end will jump … Read more

The Olympic Beavers

Today’s Olympian Of The Day: Keith Beavers. He is, of course, from Canada. It’s not that I’m here to take cheap shots at someone’s name, I just wonder, what if that isn’t a name so much as a descriptor? What if Canada, having run out of actual people to enter in the Olympic games, dressed … Read more

Bo Burnham

We saw this guy open for Joel McHale in Vegas and his set was really funny, made more so by the appalled reactions of the nice ladies seated to either side of us, who just wanted to come and see that cute guy from The Soup. Let’s just say he works kind of blue, and … Read more