Daisy Bateman

Bullets From Vegas

Went to Las Vegas last weekend, where there was lots of sun but no free wireless. I’ll try to do some in-depth posts covering as much as I can remember, but in the meantime, here are some bulleted highlights of the trip.

-A six am flight doesn’t sound that early when you are booking it.
-Southwest ticketed check-in: not nearly as efficient as one would hope.
-Ghost towns aren’t necessarily all that ghosty. But they can still be kind of cool.
-“Cool” is not a word that can otherwise be used to describe the Nevada desert in August.
-For the first time in recorded history, the sentence “Wow, we saved a lot of money by shopping at Whole Foods” was deployed with a total lack of irony.
-People who are playing the slot machines don’t really look like they’re having that much fun.
-If you spend enough time immersed in a world of tacky, a thirty-foot fake waterfall surrounded by desert-inappropriate plants can look positively restrained.
-It may give you comfort to know that there exists, in this great wide world of ours, a store devoted to Cher. Or it may not.
-Wolfgang Puck has a lot of restaurants in Las Vegas. And some of them are a leeetle bit more expensive than others.
-I bet thirty dollars on a UFC fight, won, and blew all my winnings on coffee and donuts. This would be the sum total of my vacation gambling experience.
-There doesn’t seem to be a clear consensus as to what constitutes appropriate night out attire in Las Vegas.
-It is possible to construct an entertaining Magic-type game out of the cards distributed on the strip advertising the services of obliging young ladies. Rules to follow.
-Sometimes, fabulousness in shoes is more important than little details like being able to actually walk in them. And there is no shame in taking them off and coming back into your hotel barefoot.
-Okay, maybe there’s a little bit of shame.

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