Daisy Bateman

Shiny Little Gymnast Butts

Lately, in what appears to be an unanticipated side-effect of watching way too much Olympics, I have been having a small problem with the random appearance of gymnast butts. Not that they’re stalking me or something; I don’t go through the day fearful that any moment a spandex-clad and unnervingly firm hind end will jump out at me from behind a cubicle. It’s more like, you know when you played too much Tetris and every time you closed your eyes, you could still see the pieces falling? It’s like that, only rounder.

I guess it could be worse. I could be haunted by the oddly (one might even say suspiciously) broad and manly shoulders on these little girls, or the deranged-stewardess smiles they paste on for the events, because it’s not athletic if you’re not smiling*.

But what I really want to know is, why doesn’t this work with swimmer abs?

*Female athletes only.

2 thoughts on “Shiny Little Gymnast Butts”

  1. Three nights ago, my wife asked me, “Have you noticed that there don’t seem to be any flat-chested women any more?”

    Other men would not dare answer this question without a plane ticket and up-to-date passport, but I’m lucky that way. I said, “There aren’t even any flat-chested gymnasts any more. I blame the ground beef.”

    I’m sorry; what was the question?


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