Daisy Bateman

Kansas City State of Mind

What does a Californian do with a spare day in a Midwestern city? Answer: Anything she wants, provided all she wants is to wander around an outdoor mall until the heat and humidity get to be too much for her and she has to retreat to her hotel. Fortunately, that did happen to be what I wanted, so it worked out.

I’m rooming with Laura and Jora who are both bridesmaids and were therefore required to spend the day in their bridesmaidly duties, such as getting manicures, having brunch and sacrificing a goat to Impedimentia, goddess of large weddings. So I was on my own, at least until I remembered that David and Chiros were similarly unoccupied, so we went to lunch together, at a restaurant I chose because it looked popular. Unfortunately, what I didn’t realize was that all those people weren’t there because they liked it so much, they were everyone who had ordered food there since Tuesday.

After we ate (eventually), we went to find David a shirt to wear in his role as an usher tomorrow (sadly, sans hat) we split off, them to seek out a PA system and me to go shopping in exactly the same stores I shop in at home. (What? They have different stuff in their sale sections, ok?) That lasted until the atmospheric conditions finally got the best of me and, sweaty and frizzy-haired, I admitted defeat and took it inside. Then I changed into my workout gear and spent an hour on the hotel’s stationary bike, because if you’re going to be sweating that much, you might as well get some good out of it.

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