Daisy Bateman

Saying Goodbye

This post was supposed to be about my move last Saturday. I was going to write about hauling everything out of my old apartment and moving it a whole block and a half to the new place, about how I dragooned my parents and Cameron into packing and carrying all the stuff that comes with … Read more

Coming to Fox, Fall 2009

That previous clip was from a program called “Hole in the Wall” which, as you may have guessed, was adapted from a Japanese game show. And now that American networks have discovered this treasure trove of inspiration from the East I have a feeling we will be seeing more of these beauties. I call this … Read more

Les Mots Justes

Because sometimes life dresses you in a shiny silver suit and sends a giant Styrofoam wall at you with a hole in it you could never possibly fit through, and in that case there really is only one thing you can say:

Somebody Up There Hates Me Update

Does anyone out there know a ritual for placating the car gods? Do you build a little shrine out of air filters and brake pads, and leave it offerings of premium gasoline? Take a carburetor out to the coast and toss it into the ocean, while singing “Little Deuce Coup?” Make a pilgrimage to to … Read more

On Second Thought

I think I like these boots even more: And they’re waterproof! That makes them a necessity, exempt from the purchasing ban, right? (Thanks to The Manolo, superfantastic as ever, for the inspiration.)

Update Night

Car Update: My car is still waiting for its new engine. For some mysterious reason, Mazda 3 engines seem to be in high demand these days. Meanwhile, having totally failed in my attempt to use public transportation, I have found a reprieve in the form of Mom’s Jeep, which I have until she needs it. … Read more

Freeze, Sucker

Recently, it seems like various drains on my finances have been kind of a theme around here. There’s the car, of course, which has already racked up some impressive debits just for the rental, and it’s only going to get more exciting when it comes time to pay for the replacement engine. And then there’s … Read more