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Somebody Up There Hates Me Update

Does anyone out there know a ritual for placating the car gods? Do you build a little shrine out of air filters and brake pads, and leave it offerings of premium gasoline? Take a carburetor out to the coast and toss it into the ocean, while singing “Little Deuce Coup?” Make a pilgrimage to to Detroit, or perhaps Tokyo?

I ask because this morning when I got up, I found that someone had thrown a chunk of concrete through the window of the Jeep and stolen the (nonfunctioning) satellite radio tuner from the cupholder. So, clearly, I have angered someone and I just want to know how to get it straightened out.

Maybe if I sacrificed a chicken?

4 thoughts on “Somebody Up There Hates Me Update”

  1. “Little Deuce Coup” is a good start, but it’s not enough. I have a compilation of car songs from the 60s that you can use – the car god like variety. Be sure to throw in a few of the Tragic Teenage Car Accident Songs as well.


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