Daisy Bateman

And One Disturbing Side Note

When I was assembling the previous post, I typed the word “people” into the YouTube search box (as the first word of “People Ain’t No Good”) and came up with the following list of most common searches on that word: People singingPeople getting scaredPeople getting ownedPeople dyingPeople are strangePeople farting Yep, more people are trolling … Read more

Department of “Huh”

Did you know that the chimpanzee who played Cheeta in the Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan movies is still alive, seventy-six years old and living in Palm Springs? I found that surprising, all things considered. Not only that a chimp could live that long, or that his retirement would so closely resemble a human’s (apparently that’s encoded … Read more

I’m So Sorry

Honestly, I had no idea. When I decided to take a break from shopping, it never even occurred to me what kind of wide-ranging consequences it might have. But now here we are, on the brink of world-wide economic meltdown, and I have to say, I feel just terrible.

Half-Marathon Girl

On Sunday I ran my first half marathon. Ran-walked, actually, there being no way I was actually going to make it running all thirteen-point-one miles. And for the last quarter mile or so I’m not really sure you would call that running. The race was the San Jose Half Marathon held, in a shocking twist, … Read more