Daisy Bateman

The Dress I Don’t Need

This dress is the reason I needed to go on a buying freeze:

Not the specific reason, of course; that would be the car and the move and the shrinking savings. But this, well, it’s beautiful and elegant and different and I want it and I have absolutely no reason to need it. I do not have the kind of life that requires dresses like this, and I can’t even pretend that I’m ever likely to. I’m not even saying I would have bought it if I wasn’t on the freeze, it’s a little out of my price range even on a good day, and I’ve never actually tried it on, but it’s the sort of thing I would make excuses to myself just to own. And, since I am good at those kinds of excuses, I already have perhaps a few more dresses than someone with a jeans-and-t-shirt life truly needs. Which is why, as tough as it has been, this freeze is a good thing for me.

3 thoughts on “The Dress I Don’t Need”

  1. I find the dress easier to resist when I look at it on the model. It would probably look better without the Dickensian tights and boots, but still, this just may be one of those dresses best left on a mannequin. (Maybe I’m also being influenced by the model’s aura, which might be projecting distressed because she has to wear the into-the-woods dress in the arctic circle.)

  2. Marilyn– I think it means the ivory forest will follow you around covered in a sheet, shouting “boo!”

    Karen– Yeah, that picture is definitely de-inspiring. She looks so cranky. I did like the dress a lot when I saw it in the store window, so the infatuation remains.


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